Kit Ritual is Now in Canada!

Kit Ritual Makeup Artist Kit Condensing Pro Makeup Bag

Backstage Cosmetics is thrilled to be the first to bring Canadian Artists Kit Ritual!

The RITUAL PRO PALETTE was designed with professionals in mind.  Each Palette can accommodate any of the inserts that are available in the patent pending, not to mention SEXY!!, design, giving you the opportunity to make your kit as compact as you want it to be while providing the best options for an array of colors and shades that YOU want to take with you in just the right amount.

 The Palette will come sleeved in packaging that features artwork painted by Viktorija specifically for Kit Ritual for 2024.


  • UV Coated Lid.  (Lid also also fits under the palette while in use)
  • Snapping modular inserts available in different arrays (More Coming)
  • Curved interior wells provide faster and easier cleaning
  • Multiple size Base Palettes (Coming Soon)
  • High Impact Strength,  High Chemical Resistance,  High Transparency
  • Food Grade,  BPA Free,  and Fully Recyclable
  • Patent Pending design

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