Micro Mini Bubble


Introducing micro.mini bubble! As the newest version of our ever-popular micro.mini, this soft pink shade was inspired by the effervescence and fizz of pink champagne. This light pink duo is part of our 15th anniversary celebration for the iconic egg-shaped sponge that became a makeup kit necessity. 


The edgeless perfection of micro.mini bubble is the ultimate corrective makeup tool offering flawless coverage for the smallest parts of the face. With its laser focused pointed end and span of its wider end, blending imperfections has never been so effortless! 


beautyblender is easy to use: simply wet.squeeze.bounce your way to makeup perfection!


wet. micro.mini bubble with water


squeeze. out the excess liquid, using a towel if available


bounce. concealer, highlighter, and contour on smaller areas of the face for precision application

Type: Face

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