Vueset Tips from Blogger Perilously Pale

Vueset Tips from Blogger Perilously Pale

Here is a clip from Perilously Pale showing us how she used the Vuesets she purchased from Backstage Cosmetics. 

Vueset Palettes – This is my most recent storage discovery and I am OBSESSED! De-potting not only helps organize your products and make them easier to view and find, but it also saves a lot of space. The Vueset Tahiti ($14 US)  holds 24 lipsticks in a remarkably small palette. I have four of these in my kit. Three for lipsticks (OK maybe 72 shades of lipstick in my kit is a bit overkill haha) and one for concealers and correctors. I thought I ordered enough to have some for personal use but looks like I need more! For those of you freaking out at the thought of not having your lipsticks in their pretty tubes, fear not. I actually kept a lot of my lipsticks in their tubes as well. I simply gently pulled the lipstick from the tube. Cut off from the bottom to add to my Vueset palette. Then slide what was left back in the tube to have with me for personal use and touchups etc. It was really a quick and painless process. The Tahiti will hold a full tube of lipstick if you do want to de-pott the entire thing.

I also have a Vueset Taxi ($16 US) that is currently storing 28 pairs of lashes and 6 strips of individuals. I can’t tell you what a godsend this is. Storing false lashes in my kit always took up so much room and was so inconvenient. Now after removing and trimming down packaging I can have a large assortment of lashes available in my kit that take up very little space and are a lot easier to sort through.

The Vueset Crazy Jane ($22 US) stores my disposable mascara and lip applicators as well as my cotton swabs, cotton pads, and more. I think I need a second one of these for my kit. It’s so versatile. The Vueset palettes are stackable. I ordered mine online in Canada from Backstage Cosmetics. The Vueset palettes are airtight and I’ve even seen people storing loose glitter in them without transfer between sections. That’s next on my to do list!

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